A Heritage of Salmon

A Heritage of Salmon –A Journey of Ten Thousand Years in the Nemuro Strait is the story of the history and culture of the coastline of the Nemuro Strait.
The great natural cycle of the salmon returning up the rivers every autumn has continued to support the livelihoods of people for over 10,000 years. Salmon that have supported people from ancient times, and that even now play a major role in the key industry of the coastal region of the Nemuro Strait.
A magnificent drama of the people who have laughed with salmon and cried with salmon –A Heritage of Salmon.
A heritage of Salmon was designated as a Japan Heritage in June 2020.
Japan Heritages are narratives – designated by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs – that encapsulate the country’s culture and traditions through the unique characteristics and histories of various regions, and comprehensively utilize various tangible and intangible cultural properties that possess indispensable charms, to convey those stories. By utilizing and conveying the heritage of the region, it is hoped to contribute to its vitalization, by means of regional and tourism promotion. As of March 2021, a total of 104 Japan Heritages have been designated throughout the country.

Access to Shibetsu Town

6–7 hours by car from Sapporo

30 minutes by car from Nakashibetsu Airport
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