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A Mart Shibetsu store (Shibetsu milk)


Store Introduction

Located 24km ahead overlooking Kunashiri Island in the Northern Territories. We will deliver "safe and secure" dairy products from Shibetsu Town.

Shibetsu Town, where "JA Shibetsu" is located, is located in the northeastern part of the Nemuro branch office, at the easternmost point of Hokkaido, and is also the base of the Shiretoko Peninsula, which has been designated as a World Natural Heritage Site.The weather is generally cold and humid in the summer, and sunny from autumn to winter.
While Shibetsu Town has been open for a long time in the fishing industry centered on salmon, dairy-based agriculture has developed due to such weather conditions, and it is a town whose core industry is "fishing and dairy farming." Please enjoy the safe, secure and top quality milk and dairy products with the producer's thoughts.

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"Shibetsu milk" where you can enjoy the original flavor and richness of raw milk

with particular attention to quality and milk ingredients, you can enjoy the original flavor and richness of raw milk.

Among the raw milk produced in Shibetsu town, it is milk that has been carefully selected with particular attention to milk quality and ingredients, and has been sterilized at 85 ° C for 15 minutes without damaging the flavor and richness.
The milk fat content is 3.8%, so you can enjoy the original flavor and richness of raw milk.
It is also provided for school meals in the town.

A Mart Shibetsu store (Shibetsu milk)
2 West, Kawakita Baseline, Shibetsu-cho MAP
TEL: 0153-85-2166
Time: 9:30~18:30
Holiday: Sunday
WEB: http://www.ja-shibetsu.com/tenpo.html
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