Enjoy the taste of
“salmon sanctuary”

Shiretoko Rausu “Hamada Shoten” (Scallop winter set meal)


Store Introduction

At lunchtime, enjoy Rausu seafood, centered on fresh seafood caught in Rausu.
Enjoy the taste of Rausu that can only be tasted locally.

You can see the old black building, the sea behind the shop, and Kunashiri Island when it is sunny.
Have a little extravagant time from noon!
At Hamada Shoten, you can enjoy seafood dishes using fresh seafood such as crabs, scallops, and salmon, centering on fish landed in Rausu for a limited time.
The standard menu, salmon roe bowl and atka mackerel set meal with oil, is also very popular, but we also recommend the seasonal menu that was taken at that time.
In addition, we also sell products processed in-house in the store! After having a delicious meal, you can also ship to local areas, and you can enjoy the taste of Rausu at home.

Want to eat !

Winter limited menu "Scallop and cod winter set meal"

The main set meal is delicious cod pickles and the popular butter-grilled scallops, which are very fresh because of this season.

Winter limited menu.
We pickle and bake delicious cod with outstanding freshness because it is the season that we purchased from Rausu fishing port.
The delicious sardine pickles and the popular scallop butter-grilled set meal is the taste of Rausu that warms your body with Sanpeijiru soup stock made with Rausu kelp.

Shiretoko Rausu "Hamada Shoten"
365-1, Rebuncho, Rausu-cho, Menashi-gun, Hokkaido MAP
TEL: 0153-87-3311
Time: 10:30-15:30 (LO 15:00) * Open from February to early October
Holiday: Irregular holidays
WEB: https://rausu.co.jp/
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