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“Kaisen-Kobo” (Rausu kelp)


Store Introduction

The Seafood Factory is a directly managed store built by the Rausu Fisheries Cooperative, which advocates "From catching fisheries to growing fisheries," along the coast of the Nemuro Strait overlooking Kunashiri Island.

The eastern end of Hokkaido. The Shiretoko Peninsula covered with primitive forests. Rausu, which overlooks the northern territories and the shadow of the island of Kunashiri, is only 25 km away, and is one of the best fishing towns in Hokkaido, with cod in the cold, kelp in the middle of summer, salmon and island bandits in the fall.
The seafood workshop is a base that opens up a new world of food in this town built by people living in the sea with a strong pioneering spirit.
We have abundant seasonal fish landed and marine products such as original processed fish products.
We will increase the added value of marine products through laborious processing and deliver the finest deliciousness to the whole country.

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Rich and fragrant high-end product "Rausu kelp"

Rausu kelp, which has been forged by the cold currents of Shiretoko and has grown to a splendid width and thickness, has a rich, fragrant, neat and elegant taste.

From the end of July to the end of August, Rausu fishermen put all their energy into kelp fishing.

Rausu kelp, which has been forged in the cold currents of Shiretoko, requires 23 processes from harvesting to drying and aging to bring out the flavor.

Through this time-consuming process, you can get a rich, fragrant, clear and elegant soup stock that is said to be the "highest grade".

361 Honmachi, Rausu-cho, Menashi-gun, Hokkaido MAP
TEL: 0153-87-3542
WEB: http://www.jf-rausu.jp/
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