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“Shibetu-Gyokyo-Kyodo-Kumiai” Direct sales place


Store Introduction

We will send the taste of the northern sea directly from Shibetsu, centering on salmon, salmon roe, and scallops caught in the abundant fishing ground "Nemuro Strait".

At Shibetsu, one of the leading salmon landings, we have a hygiene management system called "HACCP" that puts the highest priority on safety and security, and we are thoroughly handling freshness and handling.
We manufacture and process the selected salmon that is unique to our fishery cooperative. The "Nemuro Strait" is filled with drift ice.
Seasonal marine products nurtured by the great nature of Hokkaido are sent directly to the whole country!

Want to eat !

Exquisite "Salmon Sujiko" made with our own technique

By instantly ikejime salmon that has just been landed on board, we bring the salmon to the factory in the highest quality and freshness, and we are proud of our unique technique.

It is made from moderately ripe eggs of autumn salmon that have returned to the coast for spawning.

At this time, the liveliness of the autumn salmon that picks up the eggs and the quality of the finished product are greatly affected by the ripeness of the eggs.

Sujiko is made by immersing an egg wrapped in sea urchin in salt water or soy sauce to season it, and then putting it in a special aging box and putting a weight on it.
It is aged for several days to adjust the taste.

"Shibetu-Gyokyo-Kyodo-Kumiai" Direct sales place
1-1-1, Kita 6 Johigashi, Shibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun MAP
TEL: 0153-82-2035
WEB: https://sake-ikura.jp/
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