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Store Introduction

Our pride and commitment. We want to deliver the best taste to our customers.

The politeness of Marunakaichi's work comes from that dedication.
We will deliver carefully selected and proud gems to customers all over the country while thinking about the excitement when eating and the surprise when opening the lid.
Hokkaido Nemuro is blessed with a rich sea.
We are working as one company every day, hoping to convey the benefits of this land to our customers as much as possible.
We will provide fresh and reassuring marine products with the smiles of our customers.

Want to eat !

Nemuro's representative special product "Hanasaki-Crab"

"Hanasaki crab" turns bright vermilion when boiled, just like a flower, and when the shell is broken, it has a rich taste.

"Hanasaki Crab" is caught in shallow areas around the Nemuro Hanasaki Peninsula and in areas with a lot of seaweed, and when boiled, it changes from a dark brown color to a bright bright color.

The tender meat quality is excellent.

When boiled, "Hanasaki Crab" turns bright vermilion just like a flower, and when the shell is broken, it has a rich taste.

It is a special product that represents Nemuro.

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