Enjoy the taste of
“salmon sanctuary”

Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center “Restaurant NOTSUKE”


Store Introduction

Restaurant "NOTSUKE" is a cafeteria in the Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center.

You can enjoy home-cooked dishes made with seafood from Notsuke. We also offer the local gourmet "Betsukai Jumbo Milk & Scallop Burger". Notsuke Peninsula Nature Center is a facility that provides information on the nature and history of Notsuke Peninsula, Japan's largest sand spit. On the first floor, tourist information, sales of special products, and food and drink services are offered, and on the second floor, nature and history are exhibited and commentary is provided.

Want to eat !

"Betsukai Jumbo Hotate Burger"

We also won the 1st, 2nd and 2nd consecutive Grand Prix at the "National Local Burger Grand Prix".

Enjoy buns made with milk from Betsukai-cho and burgers made with scallops while drinking jug milk.

"Restaurant NOTSUKE"
63 Notsuke, Betsukai-cho, Notsuke-gun, Hokkaido MAP
TEL: 0153-82-1270
Holiday: Irregular / winter holidays
Price: http://notsuke.jp/
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