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Goda Shoten (Salmon soup Scallop Curry)


Store Introduction

A convenient shop in Konsen Plateau, the northern land of Japan, located in Kawakita, Shibetsu-cho, Hokkaido.

We carry a large number of products such as groceries, hardware, clothing, fishing gear, tableware, boots, sweets, stationery, liquor, tools, magazines, etc. There are also many products related to "Sake-Bushi". It is also recommended as a souvenir.

Want to eat !

Perfect as a souvenir "Salmon soup scallop curry"

It is a curry made by slowly boiling scallops with salmon soup stock (the umami ingredient is glutamic acid) and a rich roux.

A delicious curry (medium spicy retort) made by slowly boiling scallops from Eastern Hokkaido with salmon soup stock and rich roux.

Goda Shoten
60-54 Kawakita, Shibetsu-cho MAP
TEL: 0153-85-2244
Time: 9:00-17:30
Holiday: Sunday
WEB: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/yg25207586
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