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“salmon sanctuary”

Pnnumusi Terrace “Cafe Bird Table”(Hot drink)


Store Introduction

A place where travelers gather, fascinated by the Notsuke Peninsula

It is a complex facility with a cafe gallery, a nature guide office, a design atelier, etc., built in a place called "Ponnoushi" (Ainu word for small nuts) from ancient times. After enjoying beautiful animals and landscape photography on the Notsuke Peninsula, and a canoe tour to the secret forest and the Chashikotsu River with a nature guide, why not have a hot drink at the cafe? At the café gallery, you can also buy exhibitions of photographs and craft works by local artists. Around the store, you can observe small birds such as long-tailed tit, swans, black geese, red-crowned cranes, and other seasonal birds. You can enjoy a wonderful view of Notsuke from the flock of deer and the window of the cafe.

Want to eat !

Various hot drinks with shibetsu milk

We offer hot drinks using "Shibetsu milk".

Milk coffee, milk tea, hot cocoa, and hot milk made from fresh and delicious "Shibetsu milk" make your body warm.

Pnnumusi Terrace "Cafe Bird Table"
169 Chashikotsu, Shibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun MAP
TEL: 090-1640-7009
Holiday: Irregular holidays
WEB: https://www.instagram.com/design_notsuke/
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